Lotoss Cultists: Templar - Archon

"You trespass on sacred grounds" came a crackled voice, they looked up and there was a Lotoss.
He seemed to have golden armour, with a blue glow in the middle, and he had some sort of psionic energy surrounding him.
Not only that but he was also levitating, his skin wasnt pale blue like a zealots, it was a darker blue, and his eyes glowed blue.
He then summoned bolts of energy in his hands and shot them at Terrence.
Terrence jumped out of the way and shot at the attacker
He laughed "You cannot kill a templar so easily haha" he chuckled
Toby caught eye of the templar and he alerted Frank and Dutch, he then took aim down his gun, and shot the templar right into the blue core.
Green blood came out of where he shot, the impressive part was, Toby must've been half a mile away.
The templar had fainted onto the floor. Terrence shot down on his head, to ensure that it died.
Two more templars appeared
"Riour, you shall be avenged!" one said, as they both jumped down, they then went into each other, in some sort of collision.
At that point a massive blue cloud formed, something was happening. Terrence didnt want to find out.
"Everyone, get out of here now, Dutch get Zoe on your shoulder and come on!" shouted Terrence.
Dutch got Zoe on his shoulder, and whispered in her ear "everything is going to be okay" a tear ran down his face.
They all ran through the canyon, but by the time Terrence got out, the beast had formed.
Terrence was the last one out, but he wasnt quick enough, a massive jolt of psionic energy caught his leg, he turned to face the Archon.
"You cannot stop the Archon" it shouted, and it zapped some more psionic energy at Terrence.
It got him right in his chest, his armour started to melt, he screamed in pain.
He shot at it with the remaining strength he had, it didnt have much effect.
The Archon floated over to him, picked him up in its dark blue hands, it burnt Terrence even more, as it was like a massive blue fireball.
Its eyes were purple, and fumes came out of them. "As i said, nothing can stop the Archon" it said to Terrence
Alex had came back to see where Terrence was.
"Stop this..." moaned Terrence, pulled the pin out of a grenade, and held onto it.
"No!" shouted Alex
Then an explosion came, completly swallowing Terrence and the Archon into it, when it faded, they had both gone...

The End

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