When they had cleared out the base, they called in to Buck saying they've secured an LZ for some restocking and other things.
As the dropship got there they restocked on ammo and took different weapons, Toby felt left out, as hes currently the only one who hasnt had a kill yet.
Then he decided to switch to an assault rifle, considering it would be close to medium range fighting anyway.
"Toby hasnt said a word yet" said Alex to Dutch "im worried, you think theres something wrong?"
"Nah, hes a silent guy, which is kind of good considering hes a sniper, he takes his job to seriously" replies Dutch
Frank was looking around at the debris of those quadrupal walkers, he said they were called dragoons and that the people were called zealots.
The civilian came running through the canyon, he was yelling "Ultralisk" followed by a devestating roar.
The creature walked on all fours, and had its head seperate and had two arms each arm had incredibly deadly blades on them.
It swiped cutting the civilian in two. It then set sights onto the drop ship
"Get out of here now!" shouted Terrence to the dropship.
The dropship took off into the skies avoiding this 'ultralisk'
"If it bleeds we can kill it" said Dutch as he unloads apocalyptic hell into the beasts face.
It roars and goes straight into him, smashes him with its claws, because of the armour, he wasnt cut into peices.
But he did, however, get thrown into the air and landed onto the floor, the beast stood above him, rage in its eyes.
It goes to get him again, then Zoe jumps on the beasts back, stabbing it in the neck.
The beast, roaring with agony eventually collapses to the floor
Zoe however was wounded by the claws of the struggling beast, it pierced her armour causing her to bleed heavily.
"Oh crap" sighed Dutch "Frank!"
Frank rushed over, and investigated the wound "ah crap"

The End

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