They carried on through a canyon, the rocks where scorching orange. It was a thin canyon, they had to walk through in single file.
As they got through the canyon, there was a pit, quite a big one, they looked in the middle, it looked like some sort of base.
But the buildings where too futuristic to be human, and the zergs... things looked organic, looked like they were breathing and everything.
"Looks like theres, 2 species of alien against us..." moaned Zoe
"Lotoss" whispered Terrence
A zealot was on a patrol and saw them, he pointed towards them and then ran into a building, at that point, a quadrupedal walker, that looked like solid gold appeared.
It could move over unstable territory with ease which made the team worry.
"Dutch give me your rocket launcher!" shouted Terrence
Dutch did as ordered then Terrence shot the walker causing it to explode.
The explosion got the attention of many zealots, who ran into the same building
"Get ready" whispered Terrence
3-4 of the walkers marched out of the building, Terrence shot another rocket, blowing up one, and sending another onto its side.
The other one just got back up, Terrence cursed.
"Watch this" said Zoe
Zoe threw a grenade, it flew elegantly in the air, and then, it landed on one of the walkers, rolled around abit, and it went inside.
Thus making it explode from the inside.
"Booyah!" Zoe shouted
Dutch stood up and used the minigun, it seemed to have no effect.
Then the top of one of the walkers span around, revealing a weapon, that shot a blue bolt which exploded on impact with the ground infront of them.
Terrence had finished reloading and picked off the remaining two walkers.
"It seemed to have shot some anti-matter bolt, they are using some futuristic tech" said Alex as she inspected the ground where the bolt hit.
"Lets just clear out this base and get it over with" said Terrence as he handed everyone some C4.

The End

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