The marines walked in, followed by Terrence and his team, they walked towards the hive.
"Whats this purple stuff... ewwww!" said Alex
"I dont know, i dont think anyone does" said Terrence
They then saw movement, they shined lights onto it, it was just a larvae
"Whats that!" shouted one the marines
As he shouted that the larvae got startled, and then morphed into and egg of some sort, and it kept getting bigger and then, it hatched.
A very ugly creature burst out of the egg, it had red eyes, and had really thin arms, and its hands where blades, it didnt have any legs.
Instead it had a wierd snake like tail, just alot more thicker and it could stand up on it.
It growled, then attacked. Killing one of the marines
"Oh my god, shoot it!" yelled Terrence
The beast screamed as the shower of lead pounded its face, but it still continued to fight and killed another marine.
Eventually the beast collapsed, and exploded into its purple blood, until there wasnt anything left.
"Well that went, well..." said Dutch
"They already have a hive, either they are quick to develop or they've been here far too long" says Terrence
"Frank get your dad to bomb this building regardless of risks" said Alex
"On it" said Frank "lets get to a safe distance"
They went about 100 KM away from the house, vaguely in their sight, then they saw a beautiful light from the bomb.
"One less hive to worry about" chuckled Terrence
"Let us carry on then" giggled Zoe

The End

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