House of Horrors I

Alex was examining the body, with a worried look on her face "This is impossible... its an alien, they're all aliens" she cried.
"Its getting dark, lets make camp in here" said Terrence pointing at another abandoned house.
"Zoe, try not to be captured again, nobody is throwing Eugene" moaned Dutch
Zoe walked towards the door, before she did somebody was calling them.
"Just came to tell you all something" said the informant "The projectile is from an ali-"
He had paused to look at the dead bodies, and then carried on.
"Anyway, you setting up camp in there? I had it scanned there isnt any human intrusion in there, ill go in and set it up"
He opened the door and walked in. Minutes later and he still didnt walk out.
Zoe went over to the house, and opened the door, then the body of the informant fell out.
He had multiple gashes, and also had his arms cut off.
"No 'human' intrusion, no human would do this" said Zoe "Im not going in there now"
"Ill radio it in" said Frank as he started to radio the casualty to his father.
They waited outside the house, until Frank finally finished.
"He's sending a squad in a car, so theres a risk of them not getting here" said Frank
They then heard the sounds of distant gunfire, then a car, speeds over a hill into the teams sight.
"They were everywhere" shouted the driver "they took our gunner in one clean sweep"
The driver got his gun, and so did the passengers, then they went over to the house
"Careful" said Zoe
"Dont worry we're trained soldiers ma'am, unlike he was" the marine replied
They opened the door, then they saw something, that looked like... a hive?!?

The End

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