The Zerg

For the first time in his life, Dutch was scared, really scared, like he was face to face with death itself.
Before the creature cut his throat, Dutch heard a bang, then the creature collapsed onto him.
"Hey, we aint got time to be lying around Dutch" said Zoe "so tell your girlfriend to get off" she laughed at her own joke.
"Not funny Zoe" said Dutch as he got up "Where Eugene!" Dutch ran around looking for Eugene
"You know, a thanks would be great" muttered Zoe
"Oh Eugene i thought id lost you" said Dutch, he actually hugged the minigun...
"Are we gunna go or what?" asked Zoe
"Yeah lets get out of here" replied Dutch

"What took ya!" shouted Terrence
"Dutch was meeting his girlfriend" said Zoe, she laughed again
Dutch just sighed, ashamed of what had happened.
"Least we know these things are real" said Dutch
"What are real? The aliens? No load of rubbish" said Frank
"It is possible for other lifeforms to be out there, but the chances of it actually happening are just..." Alex paused between her sentence, as she knew that they knew what the answer was.
"Yeah we-" Frank was interrupted by something that zoomed past their eyes
"What the hell..." said Dutch
It came back, it looked like a frog, apart from it was brown and purple, and covered in blood, it had razor sharp claws on its hands and feet, and really sharp teeth
It jumped for them, Terrence had the quickest reaction and killed it.
"What the hell is that!" shouts Terrence
They heard many additional growls, then lots the creatures came into sight, possibly 50
"Dutch!" shouts Frank
"On it" he replies
The minigun fired rapidly, annihilating anything in its path until they where all dead.
"What the hell has purple blood... seriously" shouted Dutch

The End

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