A couple of hours later, they came across a house, abandoned.
"Ill go first" said Zoe cocking her shotgun.
She walked slowly towards the door, and opened it,there was no need for lights as the roof wasnt even on the house.
The house looked scorched, as if there was an explosion from inside the house.
"Check the kitchen" ordered Terrence
"On it" replied Zoe
Dutch got the feeling that has was being watched, and that something was going to go horribly wrong.
"What the..." shouted Zoe, then all they could hear was muffling.
"Dutch get in there" shouted Terrence
Instead of opening the door, Dutch just kicked it down, he caught a glimpse of something and went after it.
As he went into the kitchen he heard a laughing noise, then something landed infront of him, and razor sharp energy swords came from gloves on its hands...

Its skin was pale white, and it wore green armour, with gold trimmings. Its eyes were glowing blue, then they went red.
It was about Dutch's size, which is big, the creature put its swords away, grabbed Dutch's minigun and threw it.
Dutch looked with amazement he was holding onto that minigun with all his strength and it just slipped out.
It then smacked him across the face, talking Dutch immediatly to the floor.
The creature got out its sword again, picked up Dutch and put it by his neck, growled and went for the kill...

The End

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