Hak Ru'ut

The team got their armour on, and set off outside of the base, Terrence with his 'lucky' assault rifle. Alex with her favourite desert eagle.
Toby with his R700. Dutch with his minigun Eugene, he named it himself, noone knows why he named it. Zoe had her shotgun, that she always had with her.
And Frank who had an M16.

"Frank, ill keep in contact through you, so long as your alive, everyone can hear me" said Buck
"Alright dad" replied Frank, embarassed at how overprotective his dad is.
"I hate this planet, they havnt mapped it out yet, we could be going in the wrong direction!" shouted Terrence
They were walking through the village of Hak Ru'ut, it was a tribal area.
"We got hostiles..." said Terrence
"To the left, right..." whispered Dutch
"Right in front" said Alex
A spear missed Terrences face by inches
"Attack" a tribal man shouted
And soon the entire team was surrounded by the tribe.
"Why are they so primitive with their weapons, put on your helmets, and they shouldnt be able to hurt us" said Terrence
"Wait, you are not one of them" said the tribes leader "Put down your weapons men"
"What do you mean" asked Terrence
"You dont look like the Lotoss" replied the tribal leader
"The Lotoss?" asked Dutch
"Yes, they are an alien civilization, who want to destroy this planet by huge explosion" the leader explain
"The nuke" whispered Terrence
"Do you know where they reside" asked Dutch
"In many of the abandoned building scattered across from here, to that abandoned warehouse a few miles north" said the leader
"Right lets go kill some aliens" said Dutch loading his minigun

The End

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