"Alright guys, the commanders going to be here shortly, we got a job to do" said Terrence.
"Hello team, what we have here" says Buck as he points at a computer screen "is plans to blow up the planet, and to get out of here before we can point a finger"
"The warehouse is about 100 miles from here, sorry but you have to walk, our last bird got shot down, by an unknown projectile"
"Unknown projectile?" asked Terrence
"Yes... unknown, our best scientists are investigating it now, more intel will be supplied as they progress" replied Buck.
"Dad, shouldnt I be helping them?" asked Frank
"Son, id prefere it if you were, but your team has to go, which means so do you" replied Buck
Frank nodded, and looked at everyone, with a worried face. Buck got out his walkie talkie, and just used one word answers.
"This just came in, it seemed to be a kind of energy projectile, it disabled the engines first, then exploded" said Buck
"Another reason to why we cant use vehicular transport, its too dangerous, with those being fired around" said Alex
"Right guys, lets set off, we're wasting daylight here" said Terrence

The End

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