Meet the Team

"Shoot at me!" he shouted, and the others listened, they all focus fire onto the doorway, then they heard an unhuman cry, as it scuttered off.
The ambushed marine crawled out of the doorway, his legs completly gone. He pointed at the desk and then died.
"Lets get out of here" says one of the marines, then he grabs everything from the desk and as they all evacuate.

Back at the base Commander Buck Houston, had just recieved these, documents.
"What the hell is this" Buck said
"Plans sir, to destroy this planet, and get out so quickly that we wont even know who did it" replied a marine
"Well then, get a special team, and send them back to that warehouse, i cant supply any airships, so they're going to have to walk" ordered Buck
"You call it sir" replied the marine
"Terrence, get your team ready, its time..."
"On it sir" replied Terrence

Terrence, short black hair, and quite tall, he wore battle armour, which only elites could wear. His voice was quite deep, as he talked into the intercom.
"Alright team, get off your butts and get to the conference room" he said

Within seconds they were all in the conference room, all dressed for battle.
The team was made of 6, including Terrence
There was Alex, the brains of the team, but she was quite a strong woman too. She was beautiful, which makes it easy to misunderstand her.
Her hair looked like a liquid gold waterfall, eyes blue as the morning sky. She knew quite abit of martial arts, and could defend herself easily.

Then there was Toby, The scout/sniper, eyes emerald green, that can see like a hawks eyes, hence his nickname Hawk. his hair was jet black, short.
His hair could blend in with the shadows as if they were one. He is quite skinny, which helped him move quickly.

Dutch, heavy weaponry expert,if its bigger than him and goes boom hes all over it. His hair was light brown, he was a very strong man.
He was the strongest of the group, the muscle. Even though Alex could sweep him of his feet in 5 seconds, he is still the strongest.

Frank, the Medic, he wore glasses, had blonde hair, which was long, about shoulder height. He is also intelligent, just in certain areas.
He is also a skinney person, and he couldnt run fast at all. All that time in P.E didnt really get far, he only got in the millitary cause his father is the commander.

Zoe, close combat, shotguns, hand to hand fighting, you name it,she can counter any melee you throw at her, or anything you throw at her in fact.
Her hair was longer than shoulder height, and it was black, her eyes were green as leaves in the summer.

The End

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