Alex: The 'Right' Way

Me and Frank made our way through the tunnels, mysteriously they were rather empty, just with the sounds of Zerg from quite far away. The sounds were getting closer but you could tell they where still far away.

I was panicking, Frank looked perfectly okay, so i tried to not look too nervous.

Something caught the corner of my eye, i turned round really fast to see Dutch behind me.

"Whoa! Mine lead to a dead end, and some dead bodies" said Dutch "Looks like we weren't the first ones to arrive here"

"Slightly worrying" I replied

The creep was still all over the tunnel, it was all shiny and slippery. The tunnels started to get bigger and wider. We knew then that we were coming onto a big room, that could be full of them.


We walked into the cavern, this looked like a natural cave but covered in creep. You could tell where the spikes of the cavern roof were. You could also see various branches.

We heard something slightly, we felt the ground sake. Something burst out of the floor.

"Why, how nice of you to join me" came the voice

"Kerrigan" muttered Dutch

Frank shot at her with his pistol, but she just lifted her wing into the way and deflected it.

"Dont do that, your guests in my home" she snickered

Zerglings started to appear out of the ground, they took our weapons and knocked us to the floor.

"You see, im here because Earth has better living conditions than Char does. My babies here couldnt survive much longer. Also the lava started to rise alot more making Char an inhabitable planet" explained Kerrigan

"Such a shame" growled Dutch

"Yes, it is!" she stabbed Dutch in the shoulder with her claws and Dutch howled with pain, and his screams could be heard throughout the cavern. "It is a shame" she then made a sinister smile "My swarm is evolving, and soon when it is finished there wont be anything you stupid, pathetic humans could do"

Kerrigan picked Dutch up by the neck and held him against the wall.

"You humans really dont know what your messing with" she scowled, looking deep within Dutch's eyes. "By killing you now, i really will be doing you a favor. Considering you must already want to die by coming into here" she started laughing as she raised a claw ready to slit Dutch's throat.

"Let him go you freak!" shouted Zoe as she ran in and shot Kerrigan in the leg.

Kerrigan shrieked and burrowed into the ground, dropping Dutch onto the floor. The Zerglings then went into a frenzy. One bit my leg so i shot it in the face.

Frank took out his telecommunicator "Once we get out, level this place"

We made our way out of the tunnels, and then the castle. There, everyone was just sat down, as if waiting for us.

Frank began to tend to Dutch's wound, and I sat down with Zoe.

"Its times like these that i wish we could of done something for Terrence" i whispered, tears gathering in my eyes. I buried my head into my knees, Zoe just put her arm around me.

I brought my head up just in time to watch the castle get bombarded by the battle cruisers.

The End

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