The Brood Wars

The army discover secret plans, by some unknown suspects to blow up the earth, and escape from it just in time in a ship capable of the impossibility of going faster than the speed of light. They must be stopped.

"Go, go, go" shouted the marine as he and his squadron blasted through the door of the abandoned warehouse.
"Lets find this guy and quick" he ordered. The squad look through all the rooms, not finding any sign of life.
"Next floor go" he shouted. They all went up to the top floor, and searched the room. Where they found nothing but a desk, with some old paperwork.
One of the marines investigates, it seemed to be something, like a nuke, a special one, which would of been used to blow up the entire planet.
Next to it, the blueprints to a ship, capable of travelling beyond light speed, not possible?
Then in the corner of the marines eye, he saw a pool of blood, coming from underneath a door.
"Squad on me" he ordered. He walked, gun shaking,  towards the door.

When they got within inches of the door, they heard a growling noise, then a sound of claws scraping along the floor.
The marine kicked in the door, the lights were out, as he reaches for the lights, he felt something breathing on his neck

"Get off" he shouted as he pushed the unknown breather, he then heard a very disturbing growl. The rest of the squad just heard the marine scream for his life.

The End

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