The New CaseMature

The present: Mizuro Trent

I sat at my swivel chair my feet planted comfortably on my desk. I was reading a case report. It was five years old. It was left over from my former team leader James Breach. I found it hard that he betrayed, us , his country. It was also funny that the terroist still seemed able to read our movements after he was locked up. That was all in the past. Agent Breach is in jail, the terroist where caught.  Now was something stranger.

A widespread murder of former parliment , military , police participants of the event where being murdered. Each day it rose about 5 deaths. So I was sent to investigate it since afterall I'am a Agent of justice. Yeah corny title.  I continue to  read the case file and Breach's notes. This one paragraph had me vey curiouse.

They've got me in a rock and a hard place. If I make a move agianst them a team member dies. Its like they have someone on the inside wait correct that. I think they have infiltrated...

He stopped there. Infiltrated what? The department of justice, police , This organization? What? Could it be bigger. The city council?  No that couldn't be it. Things would be stranger.  I put my hand through my loose black hair.

" This case they have assigned. It obviously dates back five years ago, but I can't help but think we need Breach." I say out loud.

" Mizuro, If Breach was part of this he would be dead. All the other prisoner that concerned this are dead." My subordinate Carl Bailey says. He also served under Breach with me. He was one of the guys who believed agent Breach was with them. But something told me Breach was just taken out of the way , but was left alive to make a media fuss.



The End

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