The broken unforgiven Agent of justiceMature

A story about a cop or an agent who goes to jail but 5 years later he becomes the only one able to solve a large conspiracy that may involveld his jail time.

5 years ago

" Sir the suspect is moving. Are we to take him down." I hear over the radio.

" Yes shoot his kneecap. Make it a clean non letal shot Torren." I tell my subordinate.

I stood in the rain wearing a rather large leather jacket , a typical detective hat , and my handy handgun inside it. The rain poored as if it was there to punish humans for there many evil crimes.  I hear screeching tires , and gunfire. Just what was expected. A large hummer came around a corner that was underneath a subway over pass.  Its tire screeched , a man from the window shot crazily at me. The shots missed and scarred the pavement. I rolled out of the way of the hummer and pulled out my handgun. 

I shot the crazy gun wielding idiot in the arm he dropped his gun. It clattered onto still speeding at 90 kilometers per hour.  I grabbed my radio.

" Secondary target has entered proximit....." Boom!

I was sent sprawling forwards and I somersaulted back onto my feet, the corner store I was just standing in front of blew up.  Team of cops began to come around the corner.  They stopped charging into the ruined building.

" No thats a distraction!" I yelled in anguish.

Then I was tackeled to the ground by a fellow cop. 

" Jame . K .  Breach or agent Breach you are under arrest for giving false information , and letting criminals reak havoc."

" What?! I'm the one trying to capture the criminal you just went to the wrong destination!" I yelled at the moronic cop.

BOOM!BOOM! Two building just got blown to smitherines. One of the buildings holding my sniper agent , and the other a goverment office , holding important people to the Parliment. 

" Dammit! It could Have been stopped!" I yelled struggling then I was beaten unconsciousse. 

A few days later I stood in court.  No one could give proof that I wasn't giving false information on the terrorists.  I was proven guilty.

The End

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