BR: Chapter 3.2

Eric was sitting there for a long time. Almost as long as he had been waiting before Officer Banks came in the first time. Every now and then he would slightly turn his head to look at his watch, but then stop and realize that it was taken away from him. So he continued to sit at the small table, with the dangling light hanging right above him.

Then the door opened and a dark figure appeared. Eric couldn’t see his face because the room was so dark, but he wasn’t convinced that it was Officer Banks. The person walked up to the table and pulled something out. It was a flash light (possibly one of those Mag-lights that the police use) and he was shining it into Eric’s face.

Eric: (Blind from the light) Umm, is this really necessary Officer? I don’t know anything else about the incidences. I really don’t think I can give you any more information.

Person: Humph!   

The figure then turned off the flashlight, but Eric was still blinded by the light and couldn’t see who it was.

Before Eric could notice, the person smacked him across the face with the flashlight. Eric fell to the ground and the figure stood there, looming over him.

Just then the door opened and the figure turned around. It was Officer Banks. Banks was carrying a box and immediately dropped it when he saw the strange figure in the room.

Banks: Who the hell are you!?!(Pulling out his gun and pointing it right at the figure)

The person then through his flashlight into the dangling light and knocked so it swung into Officer Banks’ direction. The light then swung back in the opposite direction and as it did Banks pulled the trigger on his gun.

But the figure was gone. All that was left was Eric (who was still on the ground) and a bullet hole in the wall.

Officer Banks looked around, but he couldn’t see the man. All Eric could hear from him was, “Shoot! Stay here!”.

Eric finally got up, with his face numbed from the assault and walked to the doorway. He heard a lot of commotion down the hall, because of the intruder. Eric then looked down and saw the same box that Officer Banks brought in earlier. But it was empty. Eric quickly looked at his left arm. There was his watch.

 It said 10:40 AM, October 14, 2008.

Eric then looked back into the room and noticed the hanging light had suddenly stopped swinging.

The End

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