The Broken Record: Chapter 3

            10:09 AM, October 14, 2008. That was what Eric’s watch said as he reached the Police department. He has been released from the hospital a few days ago and the day after he left he got a letter from the local Police Department. The letter didn’t say much but it stated that Eric needed to come over for information. It was probably because of the bombing incident at his office and the shooting at the hospital.

            10:11 AM, October 14, 2008. This is what Eric’s watch has told him as he checked the time again. He has been checking the time more often because he fears that he might go back in time again. It wasn’t the fact that he could time travel that scared him; it was that whenever he did something terrible would happen. As if he was being hunted.

            Eric reached the front desk.

Eric: Hi, I believe I have an appointment with Officer… (looking at the letter) Banks this morning. Could you tell me where his office is?

Counter Man: (looking at the letter) Lets see…hmm… well you want to go to the third room to the left down the hall. But don’t expect him to go easy on you.

Eric: (kind of got a little tense) Thanks (took the letter and went to the room).

Eric knocked on the door. He heard a load “Come in” from inside. Eric went in and saw Officer Banks sitting at his very messy desk working on a Mac laptop. Officer Banks was dark skinned man who looked more like a football player than a police officer. The room was filled with papers and Eric had a hard time walking to his desk.

Banks: Ah! This stupid Mac book is acting up again. (Hitting the laptop) Why the hell did the Police Force give us these if we weren’t allowed to change the security settings? (he then looked at Eric) Hey, you look smart, you wouldn’t happen to know how to fix this thing up would you?

Eric: (still tense) Well, I don’t work for electronics I work for exporting and importing goods. However my office was bombed a few weeks ago.

Banks: Oh right. You are Eric Charles right?

Eric: Well its Eric Silverman now.

Banks: Oh yeah, your record shows some family issues. Though that’s not important now. What is important is the incidents that you just “happened” to be located in.

Eric: …Well you see I-

Banks: I don’t want you to talk now. I want you to please wait in the room across the hall and I will come and meet you in a few minutes.

Eric walked out the door and into the one across the hallway. The room was dark, but it had a single light hanging from the ceiling. Eric closed the door and noticed a table and two chairs right where the light was shining. He sat down in the chair that was facing the door, and waited for some time.

10:40 AM, Officer Banks came in the room, carrying a small box.

Banks: Before we start, could you please put any electronics in this box? (Eric put his phone in the box along with his watch.) Ok Mr. Silverman, (putting the box aside and sat down in the other chair) so were you located in your office building on October 3, 2008?

Eric: Yes.

Banks: And were you located at the downtown’s St. Anthony’s Hospital on the eighth of October?

Eric: Yes.

Banks: Are you aware that on both of these days, at both locations, there was some sort of terrorist attack?

Eric: Yes.

Banks: (leaning forward) Doesn’t that sound odd? There were no signs of evidences, no criminals found, and no reason why someone would do this. But there is one bit of evidence that we did find. Do you know what it is?

Eric: No, I don’t.

Banks: It’s you. You see, you were the only person that was located at both scenes of the crime, and most importantly the shooter at the hospital was mentioning you Eric. (Now leaning back in his chair) So what’s your plan?

Eric: (bewildered) What plan?

Banks: (yelling) Stop fooling around and tell me why you have connections with this man! Are you partners in crime? Or were you both criminals that eventually broke up? Come on tell me! Tell me right NOW!

Eric: (Screaming) I don’t know! I don’t know! I just think he is trying to kill me, but I don’t know why. I really don’t know anything, OK!?!

Officer Banks leaned back in his chair again. As if he was disappointed in Eric’s answer. He then grabbed the box and stood up.

Banks: I’ll needs to checks some files. Stay here I’ll be back in a little while (Officer Banks left the room and closed the door).

The End

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