The Broken Record: Chapter 2

       Eric woke up in a hospital bed. His head was a little queasy and dizzy. As soon as he adjusted to the morning light that came in through the window he sat up and reached for his glasses on the counter. But it wasn’t there. He looked at his hand and noticed not only were his glasses gone, but it was 11:09 AM, October 8, 2008. It has been four days since the incident. Eric is glad that he doesn’t have to go through that hell again, but is sorry for all of those that died.

               A nurse came in to greet him. She was in her late twenties and was fairly tall and good looking.

Nurse: So you are finally awake Mr.… (Looked at her clipboard) Charles, correct?

Eric: Actually my mother remarried a couple of years again. I go by Eric Silverman now. (Thinking that she should have known that).

Nurse: Oh! Sorry about that. Is there anything I could do for you?

Eric: Well my glasses for one.

Nurse: Hmm… well when you came in you didn’t have glasses with you.

Eric took a good look at her and finally realized that he could see just fine, as if he wasn’t wearing glasses.

Nurse: Though I think you look cuter without them.

Eric looking back at her, thinking why anyone would try to flirt with a patient who just woke up in the hospital.

Eric: So what happened to me?

Nurse: Well your office was bombed by a group of terrorist and most of your co-workers died or have been severely injured.

Eric: Then it wasn’t a dream.

Nurse: I’m really sorry about your lost. If there’s anything I can do ju- (her beeper went off) sorry I have to go (and ran out of the room).

The clock said 11:16 now and Eric could see that the people in beds were all sleeping now. A man right next to him woke up. He was on a life support system but looked fairly healthy.

Man: Ah, so you finally woke up.

Eric: Yeah.

Man: My name is Joe Steinbeck.

Eric: Eric Silverman.

Joe: I heard that you survived a bombing attack, right?

Eric: I guess so.

Joe: Never thought they would attack a place like here. I mean I don’t see anything that they could accomplish by attack a boring city like this. And what really bugs me is that they haven’t found any evidence yet.

Eric: Really?

Joe: Yeah, like all traces of the bomber just disappeared. And the entrance staff didn’t let any strangers in the building. It’s so strange.

Eric: Why are you here?

Joe: Oh, I have a small heart murmur and the life support right next to me is to keep my tempo on time. Nothing too big. I’ll probably be out by tomorrow if I am lucky.

Eric: Do you have a family?

Joe: A wife and two daughters. That’s them in the photos on my counter (he pointed them out) they will meet me tomorrow for my release. My daughters were so worried when I had to stay over here for a few nights; they thought I would die (with a smirk). But God I love so much.

Eric was happy talking to someone like Joe but he eventually dozed off and fell asleep.


Eric heard a lot of commotion right next to him and woke up. There were a few medical doctors working on Joe. Eric looked to his side and saw Joe’s lifeless face and his life support system showing no sign of a pulse. The doctors were using everything that they had but it just didn’t work. Finally the doctors stopped and gave up. Joe was dead.

They put Joe’s covers over his face and the doctors miserably left the room. Another nurse came and rolled Joe’s dead body out of the room and into the hallway.

Eric’s eyes followed the lifeless corpse as it rolled out and the last thing he saw was his clock saying 12:09. Then Eric fell asleep from exhaustion.




Eric woke up. The sun was still out and he was blinded by the white sheets that covered him.

Then Nurse Eric met before came in.

Nurse: So you are finally awake Mr.… (Looked at her clipboard) Charles, correct?

Eric: Umm, excuse me but I thought we went over this. My name is Eric Silverman, don’t you remember? (Angrily)

Nurse: Well excuse me (emphasizing “excuse”). This is the first time you woke up from the bombing incident four days ago. But it looks like your injures isn’t the only thing that needs to be checked, it’s that attitude of yours.

Eric: Uhh? (Very confused)

Then Eric realized something.

He slowly looked at the clock on the counter. It said 11:09 AM, October 8, 2008.

What is going on now? He thought. Did I go back in time again? Was I dreaming again? If not why am I going through this? Is the bombing true? Is Joe still-

Eric: (turned towards the other side of his bed and called for Joe) Joe! Joe are you still alive!?!

Joe: Gggrrrmm (waking up), what’s going on?

Eric: So you are still alive. (Relieved)

Joe: Umm, have we met? And of course I’m alive; I’m only here because I had a heart murmur.

Nurse: You are one strange person, Eric. (Then walked out of the room).

Joe: No really how do you know me? Have we met before?

Eric: Joe, it may be hard to understand but you are going to die within the hour.

Joe: What!?! No I just have a simple heart murmur, it’s no big deal. Besides I can’t die now, not while my daughters are still young. They can’t lose their daddy now.

Eric: (Getting out of bed now) Don’t worry Joe, I’ll go get a doctor. (Then left the room)


Eric went outside the room and entered the busy corridor. But he made sure to look at the room number before he left. It said “Room 122”. There were doctors, nurses and interns moving everywhere and it was very difficult for Eric to get through. He started walking down the hallway when all of a sudden he was stopped by the Nurse he met earlier.

Nurse: What are you doing outside your room?

Eric: Look the guy in the bed right next to me needs to see a doctor now!

Nurse: You mean Joe Steinbeck? The guy who came in because of a heart murmur?

Eric: Well yeah.

Nurse: Honey, he is just fine. Now I really need you to go back into your room and get some sle- (her beeper went off). Well I am busy right now, so just back to your room ok? (Then she ran off in a hurry.)

Eric saw her run down the hallway to what for could have been the same issue that she was called to earlier today (according to Eric’s memories). But Eric couldn’t go back now; he had to find a doctor for Joe.

He moved his way to the front desk of the hospital and met with the person at the counter.

Counter Woman: Hi, welcome to St. Anthony’s Hospital. How can I help you?

Eric: Hi, I need to get a doctor to room 122. There is a man who is about to die any minute now.

Counter Woman: Sir are you currently a patient at this hospital?

Eric: Yes, but that’s not important now. What is important is getting a doctor to room 122.

Just then a few gun shots fired off and shot through some of the windows in the room. Everyone in the room dropped to the floor, even Eric. After a while few more gun shots went off again. Then Eric heard a faint voice of a man coming from outside the hospital:


Man: I know you are in there. And I know you can hear me Eric. You can’t hide from me forever. I won’t stop until you are dead Eric. YOU HEAR ME? DEAD!


By then a bunch of security guards ran outside to get the man. After about what seemed like an eternity Eric and the rest of the people in the room got up from the floor. A Security guard came in.

Security Guard: It’s ok. There aren’t any signs of anyone getting hurt, but the man got away. I want all patients in their rooms now and I want everyone else to the cafeteria for shelter.

An intern came up to Eric (who was shaking in terror) and escorted him back to room 122.

Right when he came to the doorway of his room he saw a bunch of doctors leave the room with disappointing faces. Eric looked inside and saw Joe’s lifeless face once again.

Nurse: (came into the scene) I guess your intuition was right. He died from a nasty stroke. No one could have seen that…I’m sorry.

A nurse came and pushed Joe out the room. Eric saw Joe’s dead body roll right past him and out the door for the second time today.

The End

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