The Broken Record: Chapter 1

Time Travel.

Pretty neat right?
Well what happens if you could time travel uncontrolably, when you least aspect it?

Scared yet?...No?

Then what happens if every time you go back another person tries to kill you? (and its the same person)

Interested yet?

(ps, lengthy I know, but its still a draft)

6:15 AM, October 3, 2008. That was the date and time that Eric woke up today.

He got up miserably and tiredly and started getting ready for work. He was remembering that yesterday he had to do a presentation for a visiting company that supplies the shipping for Eric’s exporting company. From what he could recall he did awful, stuttered and was plain out unprofessional. He kept on seeing the scene in his head over and over; trying to see what he did wrong.

So today Eric isn’t 100%, and he was wishing that yesterday never happened.

Eric is about 26, lives in a small apartment in the middle of the city, doesn’t do many exciting things and above all has very low self esteem. He hates his typical dress attire because it reminds him of the restraints of work and wears glasses. However he is taking medicine to help improve his vision so he doesn’t need glasses.

Eric finished getting dressed and was about to leave his apartment when he noticed it was 6:43 AM, October 3, 2008. If he didn’t hurry he would be late for his bus.


Luckily Eric caught the bus in time and was able to get on the subway. He kept thinking about yesterday’s presentation and how badly he did. He really couldn’t forgive himself; he really blew his chance for a promotion at the company. Then Eric realized something. The man sitting in front of him looked familiar for some reason. He had seen him somewhere before, but he couldn’t figure out where. After a minute or so he let it pass and got off the train.

When he got off he tripped over some guy’s duffle bag. He kind of stumbled but got back up again. He looked back and saw the guy looking back at him saying, “Oh sorry”. What seemed strange was that Eric tripped over the same guy’s bag yesterday, and this made Eric mad that the guy would do the same thing. But Eric moved on with the rest of the crowd and headed out the station.

About a few blocks before he reached his office he spotted a woman walking down the street perpendicular to him and noticed that she was carrying four cups of coffee. He remembered the women because yesterday she also had four cups of coffee in her hands but she tripped and dropped them all on the ground. Eric looked away thinking that the same incident wouldn’t happen happened again; but then he heard her tumble. She tripped and dropped her coffee all over the ground.

Eric: (went up to her) twice in one week, hey?

Woman: What?

Eric: Yesterday I saw you dropped coffee on the ground. In fact it was right here.

Woman: (confused) I, I don’t understand. I didn’t come this way yesterday, I went a different way.

Eric: Really? (Feeling stupid) never mind then. (Walked away)

Eric finally reached his building and as he walked in he noticed the date on the overboard in the lobby. It said October 2, 2008. Eric knew it was actually October 3 because his clock at home said so this morning. But when he looked at his watch it said 7:53 AM, October 2, 2008. Just before he was about to ponder this, a young lady named Molly Wilson, a co-worker of his, came to greet him.

Molly: Eric what are you doing (surprised as she was walking towards him)? Today is the big day, you got to get to your office and get ready.

Eric: Hmm?

Molly: Don’t act stupid, today is the 2nd. You have to give that presentation to our suppliers. You can’t just be standing around the lobby all day.


Eric had just got to his desk and he has about thirty minutes before his presentation. Could it really happen? He was wondering why it is the second of October and not the third? The man on the train, the bag, the lady with the coffee and the clock. It couldn’t all be a coincidence could it? Did he somehow went back in time to yesterday during the morning or was yesterday all a dream? Right now he wasn’t even sure that he was in the middle of a dream now.

Then it hit him. He remembered the presentation yesterday and everything he did incorrectly, so he could fix it. Eric all of a sudden had a burst of confidence and started fixing all the mistakes that he supposedly made “yesterday”. The thirty minutes had pasted and now Eric is truly ready. He fixed his slide shows from the bugs he had before, reorganized his notes and wrote down all the questions the visitors asked yesterday. He believed that nothing could stop him now.


Eric went in to the conference room. The room was filled with about twenty workers. Mostly from the visiting company but there were a few people he works with here, including his boss. Eric became a different man from yesterday. He didn’t show an ounce of doubt, never stuttered and answered every question with satisfying precision. Even his Boss couldn’t help but feel prou—





It was dark.

Eric woke up in the conference room. The room was dark but not completely black. A light was flickering from the ceiling. The air was hot and dense. He was having trouble breathing and he noticed that his glasses were broken.

He eventually sat up on his knee and saw the horror that was in front of him. The room was filled with everyone that was present during his presentation…but they were all dead. Puddles of blood stained the floor. Bodies were spread amongst the room, as if they were pushed aside. Limbs were decorated throughout the room. Finally and man came in through what was left of the door.

Man: Eric! Eric it’s me, Jeff! (Jeff was a close friend of Eric) Eric come on!

Jeff plowed through to get to him. Then he helped him escape the disaster scene. The last thing Eric saw was his Boss laying near the door with shrouds of metal punctured into his face.


Eric and Jeff were able to make out and on to the street. The paramedics had just arrived and were treating other, more serious injured casualties.

Eric: This was not suppose to happen (said out loud).

Jeff: What’s that?

Eric: What’s going on? Yesterday wasn’t like this, why is it different?

Jeff: Eric, you just sit down and I’ll get some help, ok? (He went to get a paramedic)

Eric eventually realized that he couldn’t see very clearly, his glasses were too blurry. He took off his glasses and saw the dread that was in front of him. People panicking, shedding blood and screaming in terror.

He then looked up and saw his office building burning. He saw it all with such horror and clarity.




The End

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