The broken onesMature

A dystopian, futuristic story.

Father took the dog away after she set him on fire with her mind.

It was funny when the dog burnt. It ran in crazy circles, yapping hysterically. Dasha, reclining in the pool chair in her bikini, laughed and clapped her hands. The water in the pool was green and gave off an overpowering stench. These days it was impossible to buy the much needed chemicals, even if you were rich. She had become bored of lying next to the unusable pool when she focused her mind on the mutt and set its tail alight. Its tail was so long and furry, the fire probably hadn’t even reached its skin yet. The dog decided to spoil her fun by diving into the murky water. Dasha put her hands in front of her mouth to stifle her giggles. She was too old to giggle. The dog going into the pool was actually also funny, as it was terrified of water. After a few moments, its bedraggled head appeared above the dirty water. It paddled to the low steps and struggled to lift itself from the pool. Dasha watched it, still giggling. She was actually tired of the stupid dog, maybe father would get her a more exciting one if it drowned.

Dasha continued giggling when father roared behind her. Father walked into the courtyard. He got on his knees next to the pool and extended his hand into the water. He lifted the little dog out, which shook itself furiously as soon as its paws touched the ground. It gave a nervous yelp and disappeared into the house.

Dasha was still giggling when father slapped her. Her head hit the back of the pool chair with a loud noise. Father’s hands were big and very strong. She thought she should maybe cry to make father feel bad. He still felt guilty about the time when he did all the tests on her and pierced her with needles. He didn’t know about her mind power, not yet. She was waiting for the right time to stun him. Father’s face was red and his fists were clenched. “Dasha, what will you do next?”Dasha bit her lip as she looked up at father. Her cheek was burning. “I don’t know, father. What would you like me to do?” She knew father didn’t like her being so polite when he wanted to fight. Father sighed and sunk down in the pool bed next to her. “I shouldn’t have hit you. That makes me just as bad as you.”

Dasha fluttered her eyelashes at him. “Why am I bad, father?”

Father rested his head on his hands. He shuddered when she ran her small hand through his curly hair. His voice sounded tired. “You know why. I’m taking the dog away. It’s not fair for the poor animal to suffer so much.”

Dasha placed her hand under his chin and lifted his head. She wanted him to look her in the eyes. She knew he was unnerved by whatever he thought he saw there.

“Is it because of the girl, father? I only wanted to…” Father got up from the pool bed so fast that she almost fell backwards with her head on the paving. She briefly wondered if it would please father if she did. He stormed back into the house, leaving her sitting next to the pool, alone and bored.

Later, Dasha again decided to look at the photos of the girl who fascinated her.  Before doing this, she had taken a bath, washing her slender white body with the scented soap for which father had paid a lot

The End

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