I managed to float after her. It was a heafty task i can essure you. when i finally got downstairs it was too late. those harpies had surrounded her preparing to unveil her to that room of ravenous men.

i wouldn't let my body be treated in such away. it was bad enough they'd dressed it in such a tacky outfit. i reached out both hands towards my ghostly chest and yanked as hard as i could. i watched my body fall onto the alcohol covered table. Many bottles broke as the shell fell. i cursed and swore as i pulled out my newly formed weapon. a twenty two inch blade  ruptured from my estranged form andicharged at my once shell. i pounced. one leg was fixed either side of my shell. i screamed as i furiously stabbed at that whorish peice of flesh. 

no in the front room could see my ghastly ghost. all they ssaw was small collums of blood spewing out of my exposed chest. i looked around at the room full of people. all of their faces were filled with shock, disgust and the look that nightmares will follow. Out of the corner of my eye i could see a glint of hope. someone i'd trusted. some one who knew my secrets and was ... smiling. he could see me. Not just the estranged flesh that was fastly becoming a corpse, but the real me. the part that had been cut off, the part that only had dared lurk at the back  of her mind.

i looked closely at his face. half was cracked deeply and filled with the darkest substences i'd ever seen. he was infused with something dark and rare. his body was slitly out of sync with his ghost. i could see one arm stretched out towards the body's back arched and broke. ribs reformed them selves and flesh was stripping its self from my skeleton. my hip bones mutated and strengthend my jaw and other bone structures re-shapped. i had started to reform too. i was being sucked back in.

from the new body i could hear his voice. it uttered words i'd longed to hear. this is the birth of project :masahiko yoichi. it was my code name. could it be i was becoming him? i could only hope. 

The End

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