the broken mirror glassMature

An exploritory work that will hopefully make sense of my nightmares

it stood there looking at me. people were buzzing around us telling us how pretty we were like she was the ideal of all beauty. somthing men could idolise and drool over. Something men could fill themselves with dark thoughts over and commit selfish acts in the deepest part of night. 

as they brushed, powdered and buffed, i noticed that thing becoming more 'beautiful' and i was slowly filling with more and more hatred and self loaving. i could see that thing move towards the door. her face glowed, her knee high leather boots gleamed. she wore black floral tights over her pale white skin and a ruffled skirt that just covered what ever none exhistant underwear she was wearing. nothing to the imagination everything to the beholder. her waist had been pinched in artificialy by a sturdy leather underbust corset and her breasts where barely covered by the low cut top emblazened with frilly lace and skulls.

she left thge room acompanied by the harpies that had altered us. i on the otherhand was left alone in the dark. this was not what i meant by change.

The End

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