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            Armand pushed open the doors, revealing the huge expanse that was the throne room. The hall looked much the same as an embellished cathedral to Sam. He noticed first that the roof was a huge vaulted ceiling suspended by stone buttresses. The peak of the roof’s incline must have been at least three stories. The buttresses in turn gained support at their base from huge Greek style columns reaching all the way to the ground floor. The room was lit primarily by natural light that shined through gargantuan stained glass windows depicting events from a battle scene to a king standing above a crowd of people.

            The ground floor bore even more oddities. At the base of almost all of the columns stood a bust of a man put on a pedestal. Sam noted that all of them had the same pointed ears that he, Elain, and apparently her brother Armand sported. While they were walking to the council room, Elain had explained to Sam that as she said, he was a Mage, as was she and her brother. Mages were one of several races of humanity that populated Deyras, distinct from others in that they had pointed ears, almost always had a slender build and exotic eye and hair color, and could manipulate the natural world through magical energy. It was all still very farfetched to him, but the evidence was beginning to become too obvious to deny that what she had told him had validity.

            At the opposite end of the hall was a long table that warped into a semicircle, leaving a space in the middle that all the chairs placed there faced. At the center, facing the door, was a seat much larger and ornate, made of a silvery grey marble.

            That’s when Sam noticed something truly remarkable. The seat was occupied by a young woman who seemed completely otherworldly. She had the same tapered ears that Sam had witnessed in the other Mages holding dark blue hair behind them. The eyes of the young woman perfectly matched her hair color, however, contrasting with her pale skin. Judging by the flashy jewelry she wore and her position at the head of the table, Sam deduced that this was likely the Princess Eveline he had heard so much about.

            His suspicion was confirmed when Armand strode confidently to the missing part of the semicircle table, got onto one knee, and crossed his chest with his fist. “Sir Armand of House Velarois, Captain of the Royal Guard, Knight Commander of the Order of Silver Blood, requesting to be recognized by her ladyship Princess Eveline of House Monteferre.”

            The young woman nodded when Armand was done stating that mouthful. “You are recognized. Take your seat.” With that, Armand rose, bowed his gratitude, and sat at a chair on her right.

The End

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