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            There was a girl who looked about Sam’s age right in front of him wearing a silver robe with the hood up reading a book from the shelf with a smile, quietly humming to herself. The first thing he noticed about the young woman was her long, violet hair that flowed down past her shoulders. The tone of purple seemed to run in waves as her hair shimmered in the sunlight from the false roof. At first Sam thought the girl simply had died hair, but the second thing he noticed caught him far more off guard. She literally had deep purple irises. Sam nearly gasped in shock.

            As if hearing the nonexistent gasp, the young woman turned and saw Sam. The surprise on her face was evident as the book fell from her grasp. She recoiled with a surprised squeal.

            “Who are you? What are you doing in my library?” she asked Sam  in a familiar, lilting accent that Sam couldn’t quite place.

            “Whoa, calm down. I just kind of appeared here.” Sam responded. He could see the girl was no longer shocked and instead was cautiously curious of this interloper.

            “What do you mean appeared? Was it some sort of failed teleportation spell?” The girl looked Sam over very closely.

            “Teleportation?” Sam asked. “No, no. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

            “Well, then how did you get here? If it wasn’t a teleportation spell, then what else could have just caused you to appear here? Unless… where are you from?” she asked.

            “Well, I was in a bayou East of New Orleans. Then something brought me… wherever this place is.” Her eyes suddenly widened in a mixture of fear and understanding.

            “I see. It all makes sense. Follow me.” She turned and started walking briskly to the direction she came from. Sam got to his feet and followed her down winding aisles of book cases to a stairwell.

            “I don’t understand. What makes sense?” Sam asked, straining for an answer as they walked.

            “The place you mentioned? New Orland?” She asked, placing emphasis on the wording.

            “No, New Orleans. You know, New Orleans, Louisiana? Near the Gulf of Mexico?”

            “I’m afraid that’s the problem,” she said turning to face Sam. “I have never even heard of that city.”

            Sam paused, trying to comprehend what she had just said. Something wasn’t adding up. This girl, who clearly spoke English and was at least basically educated, had just told him that New Orleans was outside of her knowledge.

            They stopped at a large map hanging framed on one of the few walls that was unattended by a bookshelf. The land mass within the frame looked completely unfamiliar to Sam. “What… What is this a map of?”

            “This,” the girl said, pointing at the map, “Is Deyras, the country you are currently in.”

            “But, I’ve never even heard of this country before,” Sam responded.

            She studied Sam for a moment, any trace of fear from moments ago completely eclipsed by an enthusiastic interest. “Intriguing. You speak the common language, seem of at least average intelligence, and even look like a mage, and yet you know absolutely nothing of my country… What is your name?”

The End

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