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If Josh had the energy, he would have run, or at least screamed. But instead he just laid there, staring at him in muted horror. The presumably human figure knelt down to look at Josh. In a moment of sudden adrenaline, Josh found the strength to give a futile push, moving him back almost a foot. He regretted it almost instantly as pain shot through his chest. A subdued groan was muffled within his throat.

            Josh froze when the sun was suddenly all but blocked out. He felt the cold steel of the masked man’s blade against his bare throat. The hooded man was crouched right above Josh, eclipsing the sunlight. For what seemed like hours they sat there, barely moving. The stranger retracted the blade and sheathed it under his cloak. He grabbed Josh by both shoulders and lifted him.

            Josh’s vision momentarily went black. The next thing he noticed was himself leaning against one of the trees in the area. The stranger stood by a recently made campfire, walking back to Josh once the smoke started billowing. The man pulled a small object from his cloak. Josh couldn’t get a good look at what the item was before the stranger tucked it into one of Josh’s pockets. He drew Josh’s gaze back up to his concealed face as he put a finger up to where his mouth would presumably be, issuing a “Shh” sound. Then, the stranger casually strode away, letting the darkness of unconsciousness claim Josh’s vision as well as his mind.

The End

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