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“What was that?” Sam asked. Josh looked down at his phone. The screen was flashing wild colors and shifting images across the screen.

            “I think it might just be the old thing dying on me.” Josh tried to hit the power button to turn it off. The screen in protest continued its visual malfunctions. Growing impatient, Josh opened the back panel of the phone and removed the battery. To his amazement, the phone remained on. “Whoa. Sam, take a look at this.”

            Sam looked closely at the phone. “Weird. Does this model have a backup battery or something?”

            Josh shook his head. “I don’t think so. It’s never stayed online after I removed the battery. And I don’t ever think it’s done… that.” Josh put the phone in his pack. “Whatever. I’ll take a look at it later.”

            Suddenly, another oddity caught their attention. A slight humming buzz, barely audible in Josh’s ears stopped him dead in his tracks. “The hell is that?” He asked, turning to Sam.

            “I don’t quite know. It sounds like it could be a motor, maybe another boat?” Sam tilted his head, straining to find the source of the sound. Abruptly, the strange sound started to oscillate, climbing at a steady rate in pitch before falling back down to its low hum.

            “That isn’t like any boat I’ve ever heard,” Josh stated plainly. Sam started to walk in the direction he thought he heard the sound coming from. “Sam,” Josh called, “Something doesn’t feel right. I think we should head back to the boat.”

            Sam kept walking. “Josh, I’m just curious of what that is. It’s getting louder.” Josh knew that he was right. The vibrating bellow had grown louder gradually. They both followed the source of the sound until it led them to a hollow in the woods.

            As the sound grew unbearably intense and the two young men cleared the underbrush, they saw something extraordinary. It was a strange sight, as though someone had literally just torn a hole in the universe. The interior was black as midnight and gave no light whatsoever. The edges of the anomaly danced about like a fire, moving in rhythm with the humming.

            “What the hell…” Josh trailed off, staring at the fissure before them. “Ok, Sam. You’re the scientist. What is that?”

            “I don’t know,” Sam said, his perplexed gaze fixed on the anomaly. “The only thing I can even think it looks like is a black hole.”

            “You mean like a black hole as in a big hole in space? Shouldn’t that thing be killing us?”

            Sam walked closer, until he was only a few yards from the tear. “More than that. A true black hole would be causing the whole planet to collapse, and it would be much larger than a ten by five hole. My god, this is amazing.”

            Josh recognized the curious look Sam was getting in his eyes. He got this way when something new to study peaked his interest. But Josh had other ideas. Something didn’t feel right about any of this, and he got a feeling in the pit of his stomach that all too often preceded a mishap. “Sam, I seriously think we should hoof it back to the boat. Now. I got a bad feeling about this.”

            “Pfft. Josh, stop being so paranoid. At least let me grab a few pictures before we go,” Sam said. He pulled his research camera out of his bag, excitedly aiming and snapping a few pictures.

The End

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