The Broken Beast: FourMature

Had he seen the same sadness she had seen in his eyes? That question bugged Lucy the entire day as the school hours rolled by slowly. She thought about it, her friends, Rebecca and Ashley, have told her countless of times that she was very pretty and beautiful and every guy would love to be with her and yet, she was lonely and the jocks won't get near her, let alone talk to her. She had what every preppy girl had and every common girl desired, good looks, good height, and popular friends. But she felt empty and a gnawing feeling that maybe this wasn't the life for her.

School finally ended, Ashley and Rebecca suggested they went to the Mall but she wasn't in the mood. She walked home by herself and expected to find Christian at the corner. She did find him there, leaning against the wall, making him look so inviting. He looked up and smirked, Lucy smiled back. They began what Lucy never thought possible, a friendship. They wouldn't talk to each other during school hours, it was Lucy's request, but they would stroll home together and talk about their lives. There was always something that Lucy left out and she felt Christian was doing the same. They texted every night before going to sleep and occasionally spent hours on the phone talking to each other. It was one afternoon, when they decided to take the long way home through the desolated park, that questions began to fire up, making Lucy uncomfortable.

"Tell me, why are your scars so fresh?" Lucy asked Christian, she had noticed the several cuts and healed scars in his wrist but she had never dared to ask, beside, he always had the sleeves of his leather jacket to cover them, but today his sleeves were pulled up as if inviting her to inquire about them.

"You should know it better than anyone," he told her, "for the pleasure of it, for the feeling that you had conquered death and lived one more day to prove to yourself that you aren't bound to die just yet."

Lucy traced her wrist; her skin was smooth where before it was rough and scarred. She had never told Christian about her life before joining the preppy girls but she supposed he had figured out by himself and he was waiting for my explanation. "I couldn't take it anymore," she said in a whisper, old memories were resurfacing the fragility of her mind, "I wanted to let me bleed to death but I was too scared." She began to shivered, "but I am afraid that by not dying I have become a monster." The sobs that she contained for over one year erupted from her chest and she broke down before Christian. Her shoulders shook violently and she felt arms wrap around her, surrounding her in a tight and warm embrace. This time she didn't think of Rick, it was only Christian that existed.

"What happened?" he asked, stroking her hair. He looked deeply concerned and genuinely worried. "You are not a beast, you are very beautiful."

She shook her head, "can't you see I'm broken?" It was so warm to stand so close to him.

"I know you are," he startled her with his words.

"What do you mean?"

"I know that beneath the make-up and dress-up of the preppy girl you appear to be, lays a broken girl with deep wounds running the length of your heart. But I also know that beneath the shattered glass there is a life. The broken girl being the beast is an out-dated term; after all, you can find beauty in every piece of broken glass."

Lucy sniffed and looked up at Christian, "you say very profound words and yet you can't help but cut yourself every night."

"Because I can't find the person that would stop it," he whispered, inching his face close to her, "but last night, when I held the razor to my wrist, I let it fall to the sink without a droplet of blood because one image crossed my mind and one name caressed my lips. Yours."

Tears of happiness rolled down Lucy's cheek. She had finally found the person that find value to broken things and was willing to work to fix them up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight, not for dear life, but to give support and be supported. She had finally found the person that could bring her back together and he had found the person that could hold him from breaking.

The End

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