The Broken Beast: ThreeMature

Lucy snorted, "Please, I am not into that things anymore." But she was lying, her eyes trailed to the table where she used to sit with her friends, who despised her now. They all looked so gloomy and broken; all of them were trying hard to conceal their fresh wounds and old scars beneath black fabric. With them was Christian, he seemed to fit in perfectly and bring a different light to the group. They all looked almost happy; though there was something in Christian that made her wonder if he was all that he appeared to be in the exterior. There was sadness in his eyes, sadness that she could relate to because she had been in that spot before. Lucy wondered helplessly what was it that Christian had gone through to have that eternal grim look in his eyes.

"Then why can't you stop staring at him like a hungry hound?" Ashley nudged at her, just like a bitch would. They were all laughing; Lucy rolled my eyes at them and cursed them.

Then she felt his eyes on her again and blushed, she bent her head, staring at her plate filled with untouched food.


Lucy's mother was a psychotic drinker who spent half her day drowning in anguish and alcohol while her father was busy making some money to bring more alcohol into the house to please his wife and procure a partly sane life to his only daughter. All of this summed up meant that there was nobody to take care of Lucy, now that Rick was gone, her means of transportation was gone as well and she had to walk home. She preferred it rather than hitchhike with her plastic friends. She had no doubt all of them had undergone plastic surgery with their breast and they were coaxing her to do the same.

Naturally, Lucy refused. The day was clear, it seemed like autumn even though it was spring. She closed her eyes to breathe in nature while rounding a corner and she slammed her face into somebody's chest. She looked up and found a pair of blue eyes looking down amusingly at her. Christian.

She muttered an apology and walked past him.

"Lucy, wait, where are you going?" he asked, walking after her until his long strides caught up with her.

"Home, where else?" she snapped, wishing that her demeanor gave him a clue that she didn't want him close.

"I'll walk you home then," he wasn’t offering to take her home; he was letting her know of his decision.

"Whatever, I don't care," she decided not to drive Christian away, just today. She wanted to make sure she didn't have feelings for him. She didn't believe in love at first sight after all. For some minutes of silent walking, she realized that his presence was not that disturbing or uncomfortable at all, she was almost enjoying it, but she didn't want to get infatuated by that, she had learned enough from Rick. Every once and then, she would glance at him and she would always find him looking at her and smirking, as if he knew a secret about her that she didn't. In those moments she would just jerk back her head and pretend nothing had happened at all.

"This is my house," she said, standing before a house out of a row of similar houses, "you can go now." She stood in her front steps with her arms crossed and waited for him to leave. He smiled and pushed his fist deep into his jeans' pocket.

"It was a nice walk Lucy," he said, he turned around and said audibly enough for her to hear, "you should smile more, it makes you look prettier."

Lucy was both angered and hurt by his comment. Angered because she thought he was a jerk and hurt because she might be falling in love again. Love had eluded her so far, she’d rather have it elude her again than falling helplessly in love and then suffering.


The End

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