The Broken Beast: TwoMature

One year later, Lucy wasn't the girl she was before and during her relationship with Rick. After leaving the motel that night she vowed to herself not to let any other person think of her as a broken girl, broken to the point where she didn't appear human but a beast with teary eyes. She had changed completely, she didn't wear her usual black clothes and dark make-up anymore, and instead all of those were replaced with colorful and chic clothes and jewelry. Her black hair, once used to hide her face from the world, was now held back in a high ponytail. Overnight, she had traded her friends and her personality. She appeared to be content with her new change and the scars on her wrist were barely visible now. But she was still living a life of lies, and she knew it.

It was not until a day in mid-April that her memories would be uncovered after being deeply buried for so many years. Lucy was walking into the administration office, requesting some paperwork that her teacher had sent her for. She was leafing through a fashion magazine while she waited, and it was then that the door had swung opened and a teenager clad in black had entered the office with a cold and dark gaze of sharp ice-blue eyes and handsome appearance. Lucy just stared at him with silent agony as memories of Rick flood into her mind. The wound in her heart hadn't healed completely and it was now ripped open again to the mercy of this stranger. He noticed her and their eyes met for several seconds before Lucy looked back at her magazine, her heart was beating faster and she wished she was out of this room.

The newcomer grinned and went to sit next to Lucy. She felt him so close to her, his cologne pierced her nostrils, and her mind was filled with images of him. His black leather jacket was clinging in a careless and carefree manner over his slim body complexion; she blushed at the thought of him and refused to be polite to him if he were to talk to her. She had worked hard to get away from love and she had succeeded so far to let it slip out of her control again.

"Hey there," he said, leaning back on his seat to get a better view of my blushing face. "I am Christian and I'm new here. Is this the administration building?"

Lucy tried hard to control myself and not shake before him, she turned slowly to him and tried my best to smile, "Hi, yes this is the administration building, and welcome to our high school."

"Thanks," he shifted of position, leaning closer to her. "But you haven't told me your name."

"You never asked for it," she responded. He wanted to play aggressive, she will give him aggression. She was pleased when he looked taken aback by her comment, however he also was slightly amused.

"Sorry for making you wait Lucy," the school secretary said, putting some folders on the counter, "here are the reports that your teacher requested."

She cringed when the secretary said her name, she turned to look at Christian and found him grinning widely. She narrowed her eyes on him and went to get the folders. "Thank you Miss Martins." She strode out of the room as fast as she could and all this time she felt his eyes on her.


"I want red stilettos," Ashley, one of Lucy's friends was saying, "we should dress up like she-devils for Halloween this year, we were very popular last year when we dressed like Angels." Lucy remembered last year's Halloween with disgust, it was the year of her transformation and she had gone through a lot of trials to belong to the popular and preppy girls at school. It was very bizarre how she fit that small white bikini into her already thin body and how they had strapped the wings to her back, just like Victoria's secret angels.

"There is a new guy who is enchanting all the girls of our school," Rebecca said, "even though he doesn't belong to the jocks." The other girls in the table gasped as if this was the news of the century. "I bet our Lucy is infatuated by him, he wears all dark, and I have to admit he has handsome, yet dark looks." 

The End

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