Chapter 1.2Mature

“Whatever. But that guy is definitely type C,” Sebastian shrugged, dropping his arms.

“If I'm going to be dragged to another part of the city, I need to get Harry out of dodge,” Justin said, ignoring Sebastian’s comment.

“I thought you and James had a deal. You do whatever he wants and he lets Harry off the hook,” Sebastian said, raising one eyebrow.

“Because it's not like James to find ways around deals?” Justin shot back. “Just wait here.” he said. He walked into the dank building lobby and took the stairs two at a time. There was no point taking the lift, it'd been out of commission since before he had been born. The corridor smelt of stale urine and from the open windows there was a hint of raw sewage that made Justin wriggle his nose. He swiped his card-key and frowned when nothing happened.

“Harry,” he muttered, tightening his fists. He splayed a hand flat on the door and it opened easily. He walked inside the flat and shut the door, making sure to lock it behind him.

“Do you want our stuff stolen?” he asked, walking into the main living area. Harry glanced up from the second-hand terminal. It wasn't really a terminal though. It was similar to the old laptop computers that they had before the war and the following fall-out. Groups from various gangs would go into the unsafe zones and scavenge for this stuff, selling it for extortionate prices.

“There isn't much to steal,” Harry shrugged, his attention returning to the screen. Justin sighed, shaking his head.

“You should head into the city centre, kill a couple hours there,” Justin said. Harry looked up then, his eyes narrowing.

“Why?” he asked, the tapping of the keyboard stopping.

“Nothing you need to worry about,” Justin replied, looking out the window to the street below. He could see Sebastian lighting a second cigarette, his movements jumpy and impatient. Harry pushed the terminal from his lap and put it on the small coffee table. The table shook with the sudden weight but didn't break.

“What's James making you do this time?” Harry asked, standing up and crossing his arms. Harry's dirty blond hair clung to his pale face. It was starting to reach his shoulders now. He had dark brown eyes like Sebastian, but he was shorter with barely any muscles on his body. At the moment his skinny form was hidden by an oversized hoodie and black jeans.

“Nothing you need to worry about,” Justin repeated, putting more force behind the words.

“Yes I do,” Harry replied, his tone matching Justins “It's not anything dangerous is it?” Harry asked, lowering his tone while his eyebrows knit together. Justin snorted at the question, making Harry clench his fists. “Right, dumb question,” he muttered.

“It's just tracking down Luca,” Justin said.

“He's still missing?” Justin nodded. “Damn,” Harry murmured. He blinked, no doubt figuring things out in his head. “That's fifty-seven hours now … wherever he was heading, he can't be more than one hundred and seventy-one miles away from there, if he was walking. If he was in an car then it'll depend on the type and-”

“Whoa, whoa, stop. We're just going to check out where he last was first for clues,” Justin said, cutting him off with outstretched hands. If he left Harry to ramble like that, Harry would give himself a headache with the calculations.

“Which was?” Harry asked. Justin hesitated, dropping his arms and shifting nervously. “Please tell me your not going anyway stupid,” he said. Justin shrugged, speaking nonchalantly.

“It's just crater point.” Harry blinked at him.

“Just?” he said, raising his voice. “Are you insane? That place is-”

“I know what crater point is, I'm not stupid. But James wants Luca found. You know I have to do whatever the hell James wants,” Justin said, throwing his arms up the air. Harry gulped, his arms around his chest tightening.

“No. Crater points too dangerous. I can work for James once if that's-”

“No way in hell,” Justin cut him off. “You are not getting involved with this crap. You actually have the brains to get the hell out of here and I'm making sure you do that.”


“No,” he yelled, stopping whatever objection he had. “Go hide in the city centre, at the college or something.” Justin shut the door before Harry could try to say anything else.

The End

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