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I'm just posting the description and first chapter for feedback. I want to know if the story manages to grab your attention or not really :)

The Broken: Blood Change (Book one)

Blurb ~

Welcome to the future – it sucks.

It's been almost fifty years since world war IV, which destroyed most of the earth’s surface, leaving small pockets of habitable land. Initially there was chaos, people battling for precious resources. Then out of nowhere a religious based group emerged, called the Templers. They single handedly guided the remaining humans into the light. They created a peaceful world and beautiful cities for all.

They didn't do this alone though. A powerful medical company called Genesis helped them. The radiation poisoning had limited the reproductive abilities of those still alive. Genesis identified every DNA strand in the human genome and discovered most of the structures individual purposes. After a few years of research they created altered genetics. This allowed the population to begin growth again. It also meant nearly all genetic illness became past history and that the rich could iron out any imperfections.

Fifty years later and altered genes are a regular commodity. You don't even have to be in the womb to feel it's benefit. The Templers are the protective force watching over the law, but it seems their interest in the civilians has faded. The outer city limits have become slums. A place where street gangs and blood crazed creatures called rogues run rampant.

The rogues are the Templers true mission. It is their sworn duty to destroy all non-human entities of a demonic nature. The only problem is many of their past history is lost – and Rogues aren't the only vampires out there.

Something a pair out of outer city street brothers, Justin and Harry, are about to learn.

The End

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