The Sole Heir to a Lost Race

In a realm close to the corner of the Earth, a young man sleeps soundly. He doesn't feel anything around him, but the soft pillow under his head. His dreams are vividly imaginative and sometimes ridiculously realistic.

Tonight is no exception.

His eyes open quickly in fright and he closes them rapidly after the stinging of his sweat has properly awakened him. His hands are cold and his legs are far too long for his bed. He sits up smoothly and uses the sleeve of his stained cardigan to wipe away the cold droplets of salt liquid from his forehead.

What he has seen is of pure magic. A journey unlike any other is foreseen in his nightmares, but when will such a thing happen? When will he be able to escape from this dreadful life that his father likes to call acceptable?

He slowly stands and walks the short distance to his window, which is his only source of light. Pulling the curtains aside, he does not step back in surprise to see them frozen from the outside. On this side of the Earth, the sun barely exists. This is the Land of Luna--the darkened side of the world. His mother had told him the story when he had been a child, before she had passed away in childbirth.

A little boy with springing blond curls rushes into the room, a stain of grease on his nose. "Peter!" He cries and wraps his arms around his older brother. "Father wishes for you to come out and do some chores, he says that you are lucky that he let you sleep a few more hours."

"Right then Charlie, tell father that I will right out." The boy nods and quickly turns. "Wait!" Peter holds onto one of the boys thin wrists. "After chores come here, I have a story to tell today."

"Oh! Finally, I have been waiting for you to think of one!" Charlie lowers his voice to a whisper, "Does it have dragons in it?"

Peter feigns a look of surprise. "But of course, silly Charlie!"

With one final shadowed smile, Charlie runs out of the dusty bedroom. Peter too mimics the smile and stares out a tiny patch of window that isn't frozen at the darkness of the realm that he calls home, Cielo.The people in this realm keep to themselves, no one can be trusted. The world is changing and the Land of Luna is the first to be affected.

"Peter!" A deep voice calls from somewhere in the small house.

"Coming father!" He yells back, all ready putting on his heavy fur coat. This morning would be long with endless hours of hunting.


"What do you mean my destiny?" Paz asks when he finally reaches the shore. "And what are you?"

"So curious," the woman answers, her sleek body shines in the sunlight and her copper hair is adorned by several rare species of water flowers. "I am a Water Lilly and my name is Ella."

"Impossible," Paz says, surprised, "You can't be! They went extinct decades ago!"

"Unfortunately so," she sits on a protruding rock near the edge of the forest and stares lost in thought at the lake ahead of her. "My family was massacred when I was a child, but a few of us managed to escape and found refuge here."

"So, then there are more of you out here?"

"Oh yes," she smiles, "they are out there, but I was the one sent to give you the message, so only I have risked my life in coming to you."

"I would never hurt you."

"I know," she giggles as softly as the tinkling of a magical campanula flower. "But, we must talk quickly, I can sense a change in the waters of this land and something dark is searching for you."

"I am listening." Paz assures her as he pulls his shirt back on.

"When you were barely five months old the war of our realms began. It came from the Land of Luna and their greed for power. They wanted to turn the world into a land of darkness where all lies were truths and all heroes were monsters.

"These warriors were powerful, their magic was immense. No one had ever seen such power! But though they were strong, they were a small group. They could not attack the realm of Sol, the Capital of our world, so they searched out a small, but unknowingly powerful realm. The realm of Paz."

"The realm of what?" Paz asks, quietly enthralled in the story.

"You were named, I am sure, by your founder after the realm that you were found by. These people were magical, some of the most powerful in the world. They were silent workers who fought to contain their true identities from the evil grasps of those from the Land of Luna.

"These people were Faeries. Magical little creatures that had evolved to fit the classical vision of what a human should be. One morning, a dark cloud descended on their village in the center of the realm, for it was the only village, and their happiness was destroyed.

"A messenger, days later, reached this realm of Salud and found me bathing near the shore in my mermaid form. He wished me to stay and I was frightened by his wishes. Then I saw his tattoo, the same one as yours, on his cheek and I knew that he could be trusted.

"He spoke of the dangers of the Land of Luna and he told me of a prophecy in which the Faerie king's son would rise at the age of eighteen to fight the darkness of the Luna people."

"Does this prophecy refer to me?" Paz asks quietly.

"Yes, it speaks of a lonely boy; a sole heir to a lost race that was perhaps one of the strongest in the world."

"I'm a Faerie then?" He asks.

"Your tattoo marks you as the only one."

"Then why, if the Faeries were so peaceful, did the villagers of Salvacion fear me so much?"

"They fear you and hate you. Humans have always been vile creatures, thinking themselves powerful, yet not being nearly as strong as any of the magical creatures in this world. They destroy what they can't attain. They feared you because they knew what you are."

"But, not all of them are so hateful!"

"Most are," Ella looks sadly down at the grass that she is fingering by the rock. "They come in here and kill our fish, burn our wood, sleep under our sun--and they care about nothing more than their own needs."

"I'm sorry."

"You are not at fault," she looks up suddenly, "but what you need to do is save the world from the darkness, please, will you fulfill your destiny?"

Paz looks uneasily at his things on the ground behind him. "I am eighteen, the time has come, but how can I fulfill it?"

"Simple," Ella smiles, "say the words and I will help you start. You have the magic, you just need to draw it out. I will help you."

Something odd happens then in the realm of Salud; something that has never occurred before.

The sky goes dark.

"They are here!" Ella suddenly shrieks, her voice causes Paz to cover his ears. Before he can say anything further, Ella runs to the shore and jumps into the crystal liquid.

"Ella!" Paz yells and gets not response.

He looks up at the darkness and feels a chill as he sees a man, armored with a dragon scale vest ,smirking down at him as he slowly floats through gravity.

"Well, hello there hero."

The End

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