The Bringer of Paz

The only survivor of a murdered village is a baby rescued by a mother and child in a distant realm.
Welcome to Melia, a world unlike any other where the different levels of lifestyles are separated into perfect categories. The village Paz, the sight of peaceful living, has created a hero for all of the realms and his destiny is revealed before he can fully understand his past. Armed with the symbol of the people of Paz on his cheek, he is the only one who can bring peace to Melia--but will he

There is a village in the middle of nowhere.

The long lime green grasses permanently hide it from the world. It has no neighbours and only focuses on the millions of stars that the night sky has to offer. The sun and the clouds are the entertainment for the children. Exploration of the fields and the smell of cooking foods fulfills their desires and the idea of nowhere else being as their own little place excites them.

This village is surrounded by nothing.

Simple trees, ponds, and the puddles of singing crickets are their only background.

This world exists only for a moment. A moment long enough for a hero to be born and assure the village that there is an outside world. A moment in which, given the unfortunate doom that the village is destined for, the hero is allowed to peek an unknowing eye on his soon to be distant past.

The galloping of horses and the whispers of arrows in the air soon become the echoes of the murdered village. The hero lies in his cotton sheets, protected only by the murdered bodies of his escaping parents. He is under a quiet tree, nearly uprooted and angled at the sun.

"Mama!" A little girl screams out of the hero's sight and tiny footsteps are heard. "There's someone in the bundles over there!"

"My child," someone sings. "Not so fast!"

"Mama!" The girl cries once more.

The hero screams tears of surprise as he is lifted gently from his bed of wrinkled cotton and is put up to a rosy cheeked maiden. "You poor thing," She whispers, "How could you be all alone here?"

"What is that?" The little girl's voice is becoming a permanent reminder in the hero's ears.

"That," the maiden looks somewhere away from the hero, "is not for you to touch. It is a portal, move away from it now Sarah."

"Yes, mama."

"Now," she looks back down at the hero, "from the tattoo on your cheek, I know what realm you are from."

The rumbling of thunder can be heard.

"Hurry my child, we must not stay here any longer." The hero is swayed back and forth in the maiden's arms as she moves rapidly. "There is a war and we must get this child to safety."

The End

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