Sweet Revenge

Jake saw Henry hovering over her. The gun stuffed violently between her legs, blood was seeping out all over the floor. Her face was racked with pain and a hint of pleasure.

"What the hell?!" Jake screamed as he charged over to Henry.

"I'm sorry!!" Henry blubbered as he began to sob.

"You better be sorry!!" Jake shouted as he punched Henry full force in the face.

Henry's nose shattered. Blood spurted through the air landing next to the blood that was already spreading across the floor.

Jake leaned over and checked her pulse, it was very faint. He fumbled for his cellphone but couldn't make the call.

Henry tackled him. Jake and Henry smacked viciously into a liquor cabinet. Glass cascaded down to the floor. Henry punched Jake in the side breaking two ribs.

Jake howled and kneed Henry in his crotch. Henry groaned and sank to his knees. Jake picked up a discarded bottle.

"Tell me why?!" Jake ordered.

"I don't know!! I'm sorry! She's messed up! She had the gun on me and I stopped her!" Henry roared.

"Why is she half naked?" Jake demanded.

"She was changing" Henry muttered.

Jake smashed the bottle. The remains of the bottle were glittery in the dim lights. 

"Why did you shoot her?!" Jake screamed as he took a step forward.

"She was going to kill me..." Henry whispered.

Jake slashed with the bottle. Henry's cheek was torn open, blood ran down his cheek. He whimpered and fell over clutching his torn cheek.

"I'll kill you!! Why did you shoot her there?!! Did she wrong you?!" Jake shouted his voice echoed loudly in the empty store.

"No I don't remember." Henry said slowly.

"You don't remember?" Jake asked as he gripped the bottle tighter.

"I forget some things" Henry replied as he lowered his bright red hand.

"She tried to kill you though?" Jake asked as he stepped closer.

"Yes I promise! She was freaking me out!! She had a gun to my neck and she decided to have sex with me!" Henry shouted holding his hands up in forgiveness. 

"She would never sink that low!" Jake screamed and lunged.

The bottle tore open Henry's other cheek, and made a gash on his forehead.

Henry scrambled backwards but Jake wouldn't let him go. 

"Any last words?!" Jake commanded as he prepared for a fatal blow. 

"This is just the bright side of insanity" Henry muttered and he began to cry and sputter on some of the blood that was making its way into his mouth.

Jake set the bottle against his throat and jabbed the jagged edge in swiftly and sliced deeply.

Henry gurgled as his blood began cascading down his front, his hands moved up to his slit throat trying to piece it together. His eyes started to lose focus and then he fell backwards on the floor.

Jake dropped the bottle and walked over to her. He checked her pulse...nothing.

He was to slow, and he grabbed the gun which expelled itself with a slight wet noise and then aimed the gun at the dead Henry and unloaded the rest of the clip on him. Henry looked totally unrecognizable, he then slowly slumped to the floor holding his head in his hands as he cried for the first time in his adult life.

The End

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