Bloodshot Eyes

Jake stumbled down the street clutching his ribs. He could kill for a drink at the moment. Liquid energy he called it sometimes. He kicked a tin can and listened as it clattered down the street.

He couldn't believe the day he had. Kidnapped and blistered. Weirdest combo ever he thought to himself as he rubbed his sore face. He hated her. He had to. She did this to him.

He looked at the buildings scattered around on the sides of the street. He had no clue of where he was. 

"WHERE IS HE?!" He heard a voice shout.

The voice sounded oddly familiar. He couldn't pinpoint the exact location but he began to listen closer and walked with his collar pulled up and his head down.

He thought he was getting closer to the shouting but he was starting to second guess himself. A car zoomed up the road right beside him. He instantly jumped back. The driver didn't stop or slow down. He brushed his hands on his pants and walked down the street again nervousness left in the breeze. 

Just as he was figuring out where he was he heard the gunshot. The shot echoed through the dark night. He spun around and started looking around in all directions trying to pinpoint the location of the late night gunfire.

After about ten more silent seconds two more shots went off in quick succession. He noticed a liquor store across the street. He began running toward it and stopped when he realized he had been there days before. It was Henry's place.

 Jake ran to the store and yanked open the door and he didn't like what he found inside.

The End

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