Jake was gasping for air yet again. Why did he get involved with Mary Jane!!? He stumbled and slid to the ground in front of the sink.

"Devin its enough..." the guy muttered as he kicked Jake full force in the ribs.

Jake doubled over and howled as agony took his body in its horrible clutches.

"Jake just consider this a warning! We are watching your every move. We got eyes on you when you're even sleep with one eye open! Got that big shot?" the guy asked as he kicked him in the chest and turned and left the room. 

Devin lingered as he watched Jake flipped over onto his back and moaned with pain. Devin gave a slight smile and then left. Jake could hear the car start up, rev its engine and then leave with the tires squealing like banshees.

Jake grabbed onto the counter and lifted himself up. He shook his head slowly. He pulled out a picture that he kept in his slick black leather wallet. He dangled the picture between two fingers and reached into his other pocket. He found his lighter and flicked it.

The flames shot out suddenly and started licking at the bottom left corner of the picture. He dropped the burning picture next to the sink. He watched with anger and confusion as the picture turned a darker color and Mary Jane was unrecognizable. One thought kept on echoing through his mind: It sure is a pleasure to burn and this is the end of his  passion for her. 

The End

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