Pain and Confusion

Jake felt the car lurch to a sudden stop. His eyes snapped open and he looked out the window into the pitch black night. He didn't have the slightest idea of where he was. The cabby threw open his door and yanked him violently out of the car.

Jake hit the gravel roughly, slicing up his hands which only added to the substantial amount of blood he had lost from his chest wound. The cabby dragged him to the building they were parked in front of. Jake broke free and had the gun instantly pointed at his face.

"Don't think about it partner!" the cabby hisses. 

Jake walked inside with the gun pointed at the back of his head. He made his way upstairs with the cabby encouraging him as he told him which way to go. The cabby walked out in front of Jake and unlocked the door that stood menacingly in front of them.

Jake walked in and was smacked violently in the head. He stumbled and went down as he smacked into the far wall. The guy stepped out of the shadows clutching a baseball bat.

"Where is it?" he asked with a growl.

"Where is what?" Jake asked as he slowly stood up.

Bad idea...the baseball bat hit him full force in the side, sending him flying into the next room. 

"Wrong answer!!" the guy shrieks as he smacks the bat into the wall.

"I seriously have no idea what you are talking about!" Jake howls as he coughs and spits blood onto the tiled kitchen floor.

"Devin get him up!" the guy with the bat ordered.

Devin set the gun down and dragged Jake into the kitchen. The light turned on causing Jake to blink rapidly due to the sudden brightness.

"One more time wise guy!" the guy ordered as he smacked the bat into his meaty palm.

"I'm not joking!!" Jake screamed as he shook violently in Devin's arms.

"Devin dunk him" the guy ordered as he sat down at the table.

Jake had no idea what that meant until he noticed that the sink was full of hot steaming water. Jake thrashed violently and stomped on Devin's foot. But all Devin did was grunt and shove his face down.

Jake felt like he was burning in hell. His face was red hot, and the pain was intense. And to make matters worse he couldn't breathe.

Devin lifted him up. Jake thrashed again and was gulping for air. He could already feel the starting of blisters forming. 

"Now what is it?" the guy asked as he smacked the table with his right meaty fist.

"I don't know! Mary Jane said something about a game!!" Jake shouted and began to cry.

"You're getting warmer...Devin again" the guy commanded and then he began to laugh at his own joke.

The End

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