Drenched Feelings

Jake collided with the water with quite a bit of force. He immediately tried swimming back to the surface but he couldn't. His lungs were on fire and he was caught on something in the murky depths. 

He swam down a little bit and started trying to loosen the chain that somehow latched onto his foot. He finally managed to get it loose and he swam upwards quickly. He broke the surface and greedily gulped the sweet oxygen. The remains of the bridge was bathed in flames and shards of dangerous looking pieces of jagged metal.

Then it hit him. What happened to Mary Jane?! She was there then the explosion that deafened everything else around them...and then he saw red on her hands and he fell. Was she safe? Was she in the water?

He began howling her name like a creature of the night. No response except for the crackling flames, and the cars driving by. He had to get out of this water before hypothermia set in.

He eventually managed to get to the edge of the water and stood up. His knees buckled and he hit the sand. He rolled over and touched his chest, looking at his blood red shiny fingers he began to lose consciousness. He snapped his eyes open and promised himself to not go to sleep even though it sounded like a fantastic idea. He managed to get up and walk to the road. He waved down a taxi and got in. 

"Where to?" the cabby asked.

"Hospital..." Jake muttered as his eyes began to get heavy.

"Well I have another idea" the cabby said as pointed a gun at Jake.

Jake stared at the gun and rubbed his bleeding chest. 

"What would that idea be?" Jake groaned.

"You're coming with me on one hell of a joyride" and with that being said the cabby hit the gas and they sped down the road.

Jake looked out the window for a minute and then he finally closed his eyes and thought of Mary Jane...

The End

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