The Bridge

The monotonous click of heels against the pavement was the only sound she made as she hurried down the street. The night air was bitter, and she hugged her arms to her chest, quickening her pace. She hadn't thought to plan this moment, and regretted leaving her cloak behind at the bar. But Henry would be there, she was sure.

As she approached the bridge, she could make out a lone figure leaning over the railing, bathed in shadows. The streetlamps flickered as she reached the edge of the river and she paused, waiting for him to recognize her. 

"Henry?" Her voice was painfully weak. She hated how vulnerable he made her feel, how submissive. She wanted to control him, as she had controlled everything else. But it was beyond her.

"Mary Jane?" He called back, and then, "Mary Jane!" It was Jake! Jake, not Henry! She felt an overwhelming sense of relief course through her body, leaving her weak at the knees, and she stumbled forward. She felt him catch her, and hoist her up, leaning her frail body against his chest and burying his face in her yellow hair. "I got your message," he whispered. "I couldn't leave you here alone. Why didn't you tell me--"

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed, "I wanted to tell you everything, but I needed the money more, and you were the only one who would give it to me. I had to come here, and I thought you were--I thought--"

He stroked her hair, holding her close around the waist. "You're safe now," he murmured, and the cold edge to his voice was warm. "He won't come for you tonight, Mary Jane. Not over my dead--"

His words were cut off abruptly as an explosion echoed through the air beside them, forcing him backwards against the railing of the bridge. She screamed as she watched him stumble, gasping, and and she realized that her hands that had been touching his chest were now red with blood. She screamed until a gloved hand was clapped over her mouth and she was forced to watch in silence as the railing cracked beneath his weight and his body fell into the water below. Then she felt a sharp pain in her head and everything went black.

The End

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