Chapter 3: The Encounter

Henry drew back his fingers slowly. Jake turned and sat the bottle on the counter and stared deeply into his dark blue eyes. This had to have been the guy! Jake's head throbbed dully. He picked up the bottle and slid it out of the brown paper bag.

Henry started to back up.

"Just answer a question for me." Jake's voice seemed abnormally loud in the empty liquor store.

"Sir look I'm closing up..." Henry managed to squeak.

"The hell you are! Answer my question" Jake shouted as he lost his temper.

Henry had never liked people yelling at him. It always made him feel like he wasn't a regular person. It made him feel like he was a piece of garbage. Henry's hands curled into fists and his fingernails dug into his hands deep enough that they drew blood.

"What's your question?" Henry asked dumbly.

"A few years ago there was a girl with pouty lips, she was obviously recognizable...and then one horrible disturbing night she died. Murdered actually. I remember her blood spraying onto the concrete. And you look strangely familiar." Jake said as he twirled the bottle around on the counter never looking away from Henry's eyes. 

Henry knew that his drunken nights might have not been a good thing. He didn't know what to say to this stranger. If he told him he might have the stranger freak out and start attacking him because it would end up being his wife, or call the cops. 

Jake slammed his fist on the counter. Henry snapped back to attention and stared at Jake. 

"Did you do it?!" Jake demanded. 

Henry shook his head no.

Jake slammed the bottle against the counter and leaned over. 

"Tell me the truth. I can tell you're lying in your eyes! Tell me!" Jake was screaming as the sharpened edge got closer to Henry.

Henry reached under the counter and pulled out a pistol. Jake lunged forward, cutting Henry with the glass. Henry howled and grabbed Jake by the collar and shoved him roughly backward. Jake collided with a display of 12 packs which smacked the floor quickly. Henry had the gun aimed at Jake.

"Think about this" Jake whispered.

Henry clicked off the safety and didn't alter his aim. Jake rushed forward. The gun went off. Red hot pain radiated in Jake's shoulder. Jake leaped over the counter and pushed Henry into the wall. Jake tripped Henry, and started punching him repeatedly in his face. Jake's fist was covered in blood and Henry was unconscious with a broken nose that was still gushing blood. Jake looked at Henry then turned his head and vomited. Wiping his lips with a handkerchief, Jake made his way over to one of the many liquor cabinets and grabbed some vodka. Jake downed about half the bottle and then leaned against the cabinet and slumped down to the floor. Now what? Jake thought to himself.

The End

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