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All he could think of were the girls. He imaged them as he lay curled in sleep against the side of an empty trash barrel; girls with bright, billowing blouses, red leather straining over the knocks in their knobby knees. Chicken-legged girls. Girls with yellow hair, yellow dresses, and yellow eyes, like a cat perched on a fence post before a full moon. Girls with pouted lips, stained red from the evening's luster, spewing melodious incantations into the smoky air.

He saw them every hazing moment of his dreams, leaning too far over the sides of bridges as they sipped from glass bottles. He saw them in the shadows of the alley, and on the banks of waterlogged pools. He watched in awe as the spun around him, spreading their legs and their hands and their yellow eyes. 

Late at night he sat alone in the corner of a deserted bar, and he watched them laughing and spinning over the rim of his empty glass. It did not matter that they were as intangible to him as the very air he breathed. They would come. Yes, they would come.

The End

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