Chapter Nineteen, Part Two: OtherstideMature

 “Shhh! Don’t let on! It might hear you!” the child-Doctor calls, seeming to forget the mummy entirely as he leaves the line of the pyramid and heads for a bit of dark rock jutting from the sandy soil edging into the water. 

His foot touches the sand, and a strange thing happens. 

His body wavers, as though a film has been placed over some unseen camera and heated to an untenable degree. Jack has to look away at his brother, who is playing with the coins in his pockets. 

When Jack looks back again, the Doctor is a bald man in kohl makeup, crow-like, naked save for a waist-robe of white fabric. He meets Jack’s eyes for a moment, then continues leading the mummy onto the beach. 

But Grey tugs on his brother’s coat, shoving his fingers out at the water. The SHARDIS stands shin deep in the flesh sea, her huge and terrible gaze turning slowly toward the Doctor.


The End

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