Chapter Nineteen, Part One: OtherstideMature

From the pile of coins, Jack watches the great slab door of the pyramid open back up again. 

The child-Doctor backs himself out slowly, wiggling something gold and small in his fingers. The coin perhaps? 

“Hey, Doc, what…” 

Jack chokes as the mummy comes shambling out, trailing bandages and bringing with it the wonderful unique stench of really old socks and eau de musty tomb. 

“Doc, is that what I think it is?” 

The child-Doctor grins, but doesn’t take his eyes off the mummy’s gaze as he answers, his feet sure and careful behind him as he backs away to the right of the contracting stone door and sidesteps along the edge of the pyramid, heading toward the water like some kind of deficient ninja. 

“Hey there, Jack! Look what I found! I’m leading it to the beach.” 

“I’m pretty sure it can hear you, Doctor…” Jack calls, shaking his head as he elbows Grey, whose pockets are bulging with coins.

The End

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