Chapter Sixteen: Winner, Winner, Chicken DinnerMature

“Wait, Doctor, get up- I see a leg over there!” Jack laughs and points. 

“Really?” the child-Doctor sniffs, and starts digging around in the pile of coins, tossing coins this way and that with the flats of his palms. 

In time, a yellow leg pokes up from the gold, two long chicken toes twitching slightly. 

The child-Doctor wraps his fingers around the leg and pulls, dragging his fat avian friend out of the coin pile. He shakes the chicken off, then envelops the bird with both arms, squeezing at intervals. 

Bleck bleck buh-GAWK! 

A single coin sails at a sharp arc from the chicken’s bruised throat; the child-Doctor catches it in his hand, then turns it over, letting it catch the light. 

“Hah! Now this is what I’ve been looking for! Funny how that works…” he murmurs. 

Then he hugs the chicken once, pets its head, and hands it to Jack. 

“I’m off to see the gizzard!” he cries, then leaps off the coin pile, running for the pyramid.

The End

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