Chapter Fifteen, Part Two: The Golden LandMature

He looks around at Grey briefly, who is rubbing his temple with one hand while scooping up gold in the other. 

“Doctor? Is that you?” Jack calls, pushing avalanches of tumbling coins out of the way as he scrambles up the pile. 

“Mmm…” the child groans and sits up, his eyes flashing around here and there. 

A choking sound issues from his left, just as Jack reaches him and props him against one arm. 

The boy coughs once, and oozes out of Jack’s grasp, his head bobbing left and right for the source of the noise. He sinks back eventually, and with a sigh, turns around, satisfied that the sound will not come again. 

“Fei!” he cries softly, launching himself into Jack’s chest, “I’ve killed Fei!”

The End

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