Chapter Fourteen, Part Three: ISON MeMature

“I gathered that. But, what are they gonna do to us? Are they gonna hum ‘us’ away next?” 

Grey rubs his hands together behind his back, shifting his weight to his right foot, settling his shoulders for a second time. 

“Is it just me or are they getting up?” 

The fields of Geldoracht raise their arms to the sky and hold there, fixed in veneration. 

Jack’s eyes narrow, and he follows the path of those arms into the cloud cover glowing over the horizon. 

A small shadow flickers past the top cloud layer, coming faster down into the atmosphere. 

“Is that…” Grey breathes, fascinated. 

“I think it is…” Jack answers, grinning as he stares up at the approaching object. 

The shadow falls closer, and they can see the outline of a small shape, male, head hurtling toward the ground, gangly elbows wrapped around a fat white rooster. 

The End

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