Chapter Fourteen, Part One: ISON MeMature

 “Grey, look!” Jack cries out, slapping his brother on the shoulder, which tosses the wee kiddy boat with its little white horn back and forth, “… it looks like there’s land!” 

Grey Harkness looks, and a jagged belt of sea-beaten rocks and wind-bitten beaches rises up before him, close to the horizon… at about four of the clock. 

“I see what you mean, Grey,” Jack says, cocking his head at his brother sitting on the other side of the kiddy boat, “but how are we gonna get this thing by those teeth?” 

Jack smiles and roughs his brother’s hair. 

“Oh, I have my ways… I’ll just pretend it’s the Doctor’s’… hey, what’s that farther inland?” 

Grey stares ahead where his brother is pointing, following the line of Jack’s hand to the edge of a clear beach and up a brushy flat to find… 

“That’s… that’s a big pointy object, Grey! Do you know what this means?”

“Not really, big brother- I’m more concerned with the shore.” 


“Jack, look to your...”


The End

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