Chapter One, Part Two: I Remember MamlaureaMature

And he waits. 

No knocking. 

So he blinks and swears and cracks his neck, because his neck is suddenly cold, and he thinks maybe he should look out of doors for Koschei’s knock, in case it was too lazy to come in, like Koschei sometimes is. 

He’s always telling Koschei to come in the whole way, not just half. But Koschei’s father doesn’t like him. Says he’s stupid and dirty. 

But Koschei says his father is stupid and dirty for not liking him. 

But the little boy thinks maybe he’s just sad. So he cries for him. And he cries for Koschei. And he cries for the people who don’t like him. And the people who don’t like them. And he cries because he’s stupid. And has an empty head. 

He should really get back to Koschei’s knock, or he’ll start it up again, the crying. The nice lady wouldn’t like that. 

But he thinks she would understand.  

Nobody else does. Not even Koschei. 

He balls his fist on the bedcover and sniffs a mighty dribble of snot back up into his nose. Quite an accomplishment, at his age. 

But none of that matters.

 Because Koschei isn’t here. He didn’t see it.

 So the little boy tugs on his old brown coat and ambles to the barn door, cutting himself only twice on a nail hidden in the hay, because his right foot hadn’t the benefit of a slipper. He knocks four times, then reaches for the big wooden bar and lets himself out.

The End

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