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A shrill noise tries so hard to escape my lungs, but I swallow it down. I can't let him know I'm afraid. I'm sure he can practically smell the fear I'm exuding, but I'll stay silent if not for my safety, for my ego.

I feel as though the other two are thinking the same thing I am: where do we go now. As if confirming what I just thought, Venice, angst pouring out of her pores, yells 'this way' and waves for us to follow her. 

As instructed, I run. My intent was to go faster than I've ever gone before, but I stumble over that imbecile, Dylan, who was going slightly slower than me. I push him forward and we sneak out a side door, Etan hot on our trail. I, being in the third place, slam the door shut in his face.

"We don't have much time, we need to split up!" Dylan proclaimed in an authoritative yet hurried voice. He makes a beeline to the right while Venice goes straight. I guess that leaves me to go left. 

"I can't believe you dragged me into this!" Venice screamed these words repeatedly into the distance. 

I'm not sure which one of us Etan decided to follow, but I can no longer see him, unless--. 

"Oh Shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! That's him." I duck into the old bar where I'd first pulled him into what feels like forever ago. It might throw him off knowing that my scent is all over this place.

"You can't come in here." A small oriental elder said while trying to shove me out the door. 

"You don't understand, Ma'am." I say in my natural I'm-better-than-you way of speaking that everyone seems to tell me about.

"Oh, I do. You've got one of those buruburus chasing after you. I can sense it on you." How can she do that? "We're not safe if you're here and we need to be safe. You're on your own, Hun." Her long grey hair shaped her face nice, only covering it a bit with a swiped fringe. She appeared to have eyeliner tattooed onto her eyelids. Damn, that must've hurt. She wore hoop earrings that seemed to pull her ears down and her eyebrows were thin, but overall she was gorgeous for her age. 

I put my hands together to beg her, but as I saw her tilt her head to shake it, I run past her towards a staircase. It leads me to the cold cellar and through cobwebs I finda cramped tunnel. I crawl to the end of it in a matter of minutes, I'll be safe here. Though without any food or water, I can't stay for long.

The End

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