Peekaboo, I See YouMature

Fluorescent light blinds my weary eyes as I come to. I recall getting angry; adrenaline building up inside of me, and then, nothingness. I had heard voices in the distance, echoing through my mind. The trans girl muttering with no one replying. He-she... Ari- that was their name- they said something along the lines of "Shut up. I'll kill her with my raw bare hands if that's what it takes". I'm merely filling in the blanks for speculation of course.

A bald man with a bushy beard approaches me and lingers by my side. 

Where am I?

"I see you're conscious. Stick around for a few minutes while I take your vitals, if they're all good you may go." I assume he's a nurse and this is my school's nursing office. For someone trained to work with people, his voice is monotone and I'm instantly bored at the sound of it. Bored yet addled, a hazardous combination. 

A dark blue cuff is wrapped around my right arm. It starts to inflate but I find myself ripping it off and running from the room.

I can tell you your blood pressure is no good. You're scared right now. Scared of me. It'll look too suspicious. 

Oh yeah. You. Where exactly are we going?

To find Sedona.

Sedona. The sound of her name alarms me. I need to find her and save her. 

Save her? We need to kill her before that Ari guy does. And yes, he is a guy. While we're at it, we need to kill your brother. How sickening that is: having family. Who needs family? I don't. I never did and I never will. I'm an individual being and I'm better than you, Mom and Dad. Do you hear me?

I stop in my tracks. I can sense them. They're near me right now. My ears perk up and I listen intently to my surroundings, channeling in all that is near me and filtering out the unnecessary. 

"You've ruined my life, faggot. Do you realise what you just did to me? I loved him." I don't recognise that voice, but the one that comes next is exactly what I wanted to hear.

"We didn't do shit. We're just trying to stay safe. You said you loved me too. You fall too easy, it means nothing. Your words mean nothing. Not about love and not about kicking me out of here, because I'm staying until it's safe." The voice belongs to Dylan.

Dismissing all regard for sanity and societal norms, I push through the crowds of people in the streets. I approach a house. A noisy, ugly, and intriguing house. 

I force the door open and stare blankly. 

There they are.

The End

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