Ari Verbruik

I open the door, interrupting the teacher in the middle of his lesson.

" Ari Verbruik?" He asks.

"Yeah." I say, Examining The classroom for the target. She was siting next to an empty seat and a boy. The boy looked on edge, not stable. If you go off of his body language, he looks like an average student, but it's all in his eyes. You could see the blood lust aswell as fear. A strange combination, expecially for a highschool student. He might become a problem. I sat down in the empty seat next to the target, getting an immediate reaction from her.

" Who are you?" She asked in such a way which told me that she thought herself superior.

'You were right jack, this girl is pissing me off, how am I supposed become friends with this?' 

You see, this is why you should listen to your me, can we kill her yet?

'No, I can deal with her. I used to be an actor, so I can do this now, right?'

"Hi, I'm Ari. Nice to meet you." I replied.

"Ari, isn't that a boys name?" She asked in that infuriating tone.

" Yeah, it is." I said, trying not to let my anger slip through." It's because I'm a guy." I said.

"Really?" She said, Examining my body.

'This is it, she's dead.'

Yes! Let me, the infamous Jack the Ripper handle it!

'No, remember how much money those freaks are paying us.'

Freaks!? Are you calling me a freak!?

'No, the group of Rogues paying us.'

I'm a Rogue too you know!

"Well, why are you sitting next to me?"The girl asked. I drew a blank.

"Girls in the back, stop talking." The teacher said. I sat there in an an awkward silance, nervously looking at the clock.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the class, but not the end of the girls and my conversation. She stood up, exiting the classroom, that boy fallowing her. After she had escaped my sight I exited. She was about five feet away but there were tons of people inbetween. She turned down another hallway, going to the outside of the school. I went out aswell, keeping my distance. I walk forward fallowing her down the sidewalk. Then I noticed it. The boy was gone. I turned around, noticing him behind me. The look in his eye had changed, now he was struggling between bloodlust and humanity. I was sure now that he was one of us.

"Why are you fallowing Sedona?! " He asks, balling his hands into fists.

"Walk away, kid." I say, "You don't know what you're getting yourself into." He was unstable, no way was he going to back down, he craved violence.

He swung his fist at my head, quicker than I would've thought. I still only had to tilt my body to the right to avoid his hit. I kneed him in the stomach while he was still busy swinging his fist. He fell to the ground, emediety getting a kick in the head from me. He had been knocked out.


That was great!

'No, it wasn't. Now he knows we're a threat.' I turned back around, focusing on my main objective, befriending the girl. She was gone, no where to be seen.

'This is turning out to be one terrible mission.'

The End

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